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Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions of hire will hereafter refer to Villa Kula PTY LTD, as ‘the Hire Company’ any individual, company, corporation or agency or it’s designated representatives who wish to hire equipment and or engage in the services of the Hire Company will hereafter be referred to as the ‘Client’.

Availability of hire equipment The Hire Companies goods are available on a first to book basis. It is the responsibility of the Client to secure the Items and/or services by means of A) paying a deposit to the Hire Company B) returning a signed list of items/services required to the Hire Company and C) returning a signed original copy of these terms & conditions to the Hire Company.


A deposit in addition to a signed copy of our terms & conditions is required to secure your event date. Once in receipt of your deposit we will work on designing your ‘one of a kind’, bespoke setting. We then offer you two complimentary changes to your customized floor plan within 14days. Please note administration charges of $250 plus GST will apply for all further requested changes to finalized floor plans. The balance due within 7 days of the Client receiving the final invoice.

Security, damaged, lost or stolen equipment/goods

The security of all luxury tents, furniture and effects and associated equipment is the full responsibility of the Client from the commencement date of hire until return to the Hire Companies premises. The Client will pay the full replacement cost of any breakages or cost of repairs to damaged hire equipment/goods that occurs during the hire period. If upon return of hire equipment to the Hire Company the equipment is found by the Hire Company to be in an excessively unclean condition (i.e. requiring beyond normal cleaning procedures) and /or not in good working order, the Client shall pay the Hire Company the full cost of restoring the hire equipment to clean condition and good working order.

Any hire items returned with burns, holes, tears or other abnormalities will be charged at full replacement cost. Fabric items returned with obvious stains including but not limited to candle wax, rust, graffiti, blood and or excessive stains that are not easily restored to a clean condition using ordinary laundering methods, and are required to have professional cleaning (i.e. dry cleaning) that cost will be charged to the Client at the appropriate rate. The Client accepts full responsibility to compensate the Hire Company for the value of the hire equipment or parts thereof which may be lost or stolen from the time of commencement of the hire period, until the hire equipment is returned to the Hire Companies premises or collected by them. Damaged or lost goods will be invoiced separately and payments must be received within 7 days of invoicing or further penalties will be incurred.

Pricing, charges & terms

Prices exclude GST. Installation and/or delivery, transport and collection of the hire equipment/services is additional to the hire fee. For destination events outside the CBD a staff accommodation fee may apply and will be charged out to the Client. The Hire Company reserves the right to change its prices without prior notice. The Client will pay the hire fees at the rate specified, and in the manner prescribed by the Hire Company from the commencement date of the hire until the hire equipment is returned to the Hire Company premises. If the Client requests that the Hire Company transports hire equipment to or from the Hire Companies premises the Client shall pay the Hire Company all charges and expenses pertaining to this delivery of hire equipment/services.

Installation, delivery & collection (IDC)

A fee for installation (setting up and dismantling), transportation, delivery and collection will vary based on distance traveled, quantity of hire equipment required, installation time, access and other contributing factors. The Client will be notified of the ‘IDC’ fee once the Client and Hire Company have agreed on a list of requirements/services needed.

Quality & maintenance

The Hire Companies equipment is cleaned, maintained and itemized before being issued to a Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure all of the ordered hire equipment is in satisfactory condition upon delivery or collection and must notify the Hire Company within 8 hours of receiving the goods/hire equipment if it is otherwise. The Client acknowledges the correct use for which the hire equipment is designed.

Site Inspection The hire and use of the Hire Companies luxury tents and associated hire equipment are subject to a site inspection that will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. The Hire Company reserves the right to refuse the hiring of tents and associated hire equipment based on a site being inappropriate.

Security Bond

A security bond may be required to cover hire items. Any missing, broken, unclean items returned will be charged for at full replacement cost and/or cleaning cost and deducted from the bond amount.

On site security In some cases where a chosen venue is a public place or is in a situation of being in an area of exposure to the general public an on-site security person will be required to ensure the safety of all hire companies luxury tents, furniture & associated equipment from the commencement of set up until full dismantling /removal of the hire items from this venue. The Client agrees to pay the Hire Company the specified on site security fee.

Inclement weather The Client acknowledges that the Hire Company is in no way responsible for the some times inclement weather which can affect the outcome of an event and further more agrees that all equipment and services hired for an event will be paid for in full even in the circumstance of a cancelled event due to inclement weather.


The Client is responsible for obtaining and covering any costs pertaining to permits of any kind. Set up and removal of equipment The Hire Company is not responsible for the set up of the equipment, unless otherwise stated and agreed in writing between the Hire Company and the Client.

Cancellation policy

Once a deposit has been received, Items cancelled up to 2 months before the hire date will be charged 100% of the hire charge. This is due to the fact that the goods could not be supplied to another hirer. No cancellation by the Client will be acknowledged, or valid unless it is received in writing & acknowledged by the Hire Company.

All Villa Kula furniture & effects are cleaned, well maintained and itemized before being issued. I acknowledge the correct use for which the hire equipment is designed and am aware that additional costs may be incurred for any damage and/or inappropriate use.

Any hire items returned with burns, holes, tears or other abnormalities may be charged at full replacement cost and there are additional costs for any fabric items returned with excessive stains that are not easily restored to a clean condition using ordinary laundering methods

Smoking is prohibited on all Villa Kula lounge furniture. and that any damage related to smoking may incur additional cleaning fees or full replacement costs.

The client is responsible for the hire equipment for the duration of the hire period and any items lost or stolen may be charged at full replacement cost (from the time of delivery until the hire equipment is returned to Villa Kula’s premises or collected by them)

Villa Kula furniture & effects must be secure at all times and that overnight security will be required for any furniture used in areas accessible by the public

Villa Kula accepts no responsibility for the cleaning and removal of any food/drink or additional waste items.  On collection of the rental items, if Villa Kula are required to remove glassware, bottles, food, tableware etc. in order to pack away their furniture additional fees may apply.

Weather may affect your event setting. Villa Kula are unable to set up any furniture/effects outdoors during inclement weather, and therefore if this is predicted, there must be a contingency plan. It is the responsibility of the client to inform the venue that the reticulation needs to be turned off prior to the set up until removal of the entire setting. If there is damage to items from bore water from reticulation a minimum fee of $1000 will be charged.

Unless otherwise stated in writing, you are hiring furniture and effects only. Villa Kula are not responsible for the co-ordination of other suppliers or event management on the day.

A non-refundable deposit, and on receipt of this deposit you are agreeing to the hire of the stated furniture and effects – these items are now solely held for your event. Additional items can be added but that it is not possible to reduce a confirmed order.


The Client agrees and fully indemnifies the Hire Company for and against all claims. The Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Hire Company will in no way accept responsibility or be held accountable for any injury, death, loss of Income or damage caused to the client or its property, or any other third parties or properties involved in relation to the hire equipment/and or services hired. The Client hereby acknowledges that it has read & understood the above terms and conditions and unconditionally accepts all the above by signing this copy and returning the original to the Hire Company on or prior to payment of their deposit evidencing their acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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