Who are we?

Villa Kula is owned and managed by husband and wife team Karl Cramond and Vanessa Fordham.

The couple met in Mallorca, Spain whilst working overseas on luxury super yachts.

Together they traveled through Europe, US and Asia, managing, catering and interior styling for some of the world’s most luxurious charter yachts, including the build of the award winning $100 million S/Y ATHENA (the largest private sailing yacht in the world at the time)

Karl, a classically trained Chef, worked in the capacity of Head Chef and Vanessa was PA to the owner, Chief Interior Stylist, and on board Administrator. Together, they were ultimately responsible for the seamless day to day running of these 6 star luxury residences.

Close to a decade on the super yachts saw the couple manage countless numbers of high profile events including Cannes Film Festival premieres, Grand Prix black tie dinners, yacht launches at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, celebrity parties and luxury destination weddings.

On their departure from the super yachts, the couple began to realise their business dream Villa Kula.

In 2008 the WA event market celebrated Villa Kula’s launch in Perth for bringing a fresh approach to event design, making accessible a range of luxury products not available anywhere else in the world (and now, sought after all over the world.)

The end result is an exquisite blend of food, music and immaculate interiors, in a VIP setting that sets itself apart from any other event company in the market place.

The business expanded in 2012 to provide a fully customised service for creating beautiful, functional furniture and luxury tent installations for 6 star hotels, resorts and super yacht clients globally.

Villa Kula with its trade mark luxury beach club furniture has gone from strength to strength creating custom installations for notable beach clubs in the south of France, the Royal family in Qatar and various super yachts including a custom beach club setting for the 85m super yacht ACE built by Lurrssen.

On opening the door in 2008 Villa Kula has since developed into one of the most sought after design companies in the country.