Seriously Cool

Introducing Villa Kula Tent House.

Offering over 400m2 of floor to ceiling ‘white on white’ space and a luxuriously furnished 144m2 Royal canvas villa as the spectacular centrepiece, this stunning new HQ is likely, the most unique light filled warehouse space in the country.

Located just 10 minutes south of Fremantle, within the marine precinct of Henderson, Villa Kula Tent House is a daringly different space, ideally suited for intimate up market gatherings, launch parties, private dinners and creative workshops.

Exotic Industrial

Photographers, event planners and stylists alike absolutely delight in working on location here with over 1000’s of designer props and luxury furniture collections on hand.

Spectacularly furnished in an aesthetic of your choice, the Villa Kula Tent House space provides an unlikely yet stunningly beautiful backdrop for any number of special events.

Bookings essential.